Basic Guide to using Tgrowbags.



Tgrowbags are an easy and convenient way to feed your pot plants with a special formulation of Triplantanol designed for slow release.

Information on Triplantanol (contained in Tgrowbags) can be found on our other site

Each Tgrowbag bag contains plant food and the growth booster triacontanol, a well know plant growth regulator and photosynthesis enhancer.

When plants are in growth there is an active demand for nutrients. This can be supplied by using Tgrowbags.

There is also some evidence that some plants will also benefit from such feeding throughout the year even though not in active growth.

Tgrowbags work every time water is applied and dissolves the nutrients. If your plants require less water and are not watered, perhaps due to lower temperatures, the bags will simply dry out and await the next time they are watered.

Use Tgrowbags for a whole range of plants in temperate climates.
  • Foliage and flowering plants around the home
  • Seasonal flowering plants
  • Specialist flowering plants such as Orchids
  • Cacti and succulents
  • Conservatory plants
  • Display plants
  • Greenhouse plants
  • Hobbyist plants
  • Tub and container plantings
Use Tgrowbags for plants in warmer climates such as Mediterranean, sub tropical, tropical.
  • Any of the above categories.
  • Foliage and flowering plants around the home
  • Yard or courtyard plants
  • Tub and container plants
  • Hanging plants and epiphytes

Fertiliser ingredients are usually expressed as an N.P.K. ratio, this indicates how strong the feed is and gives an indication on how it might influence plant growth. It is often useful to compare N.P.K. ratios to determine strengths of feed or the type of growth plants are likely to make in response.

However a degree of caution should be adopted as N.P.K. ratios are based on the physical weight of chemicals. For organic fertilisers this is only an indication of available minerals and the release of plant nutrients may be greatly influenced by the bacterial and micro-organism breakdown of the feed.

Tgrowbags have a fertiliser ratio of N.P.K. 17-3-9 approx. There is no indication in this ratio of the effect of the chemical triacontanol which interacts with uptake of plant nutrients. As there is a strong organic component to the make up of the Triplantanol in the Tgrowbags we urge a degree of caution. Triplantanol is a complex fertiliser with micro nutrients and other additives and is not a simple listing of major nutrients.

Simple comparisons with fertiliser based on this ratio is not an accurate indication of the nutrients available when feeding with Tgrowbags.

In summary we suggest that Tgrowbags are not simply N.P.K. 17-3-9 but more accurately have additional benefits regarding the nutritional value. It is easiest to think of Tgrowbags as N.P.K. 17-3-9 + organic growth regulators. The growth boosting response is greater than the simple ratio might suggest and the micro-nutrients both organic and inorganic have an important part to plant in plant nutrition.

Tgrowbags N.P.K. 17-3-9 + organic growth regulators.
Rate of use: Use x1 Tgrowbag / 12cms. (500ml. volume) pot.

You can use with smaller pots eg. 9cms. by feeding for a shorter length of time and then moving the Tgrowbag onto another pot. For lager pots either use a single Tgrowbag or multiply the number of bags accordingly.

Watch your plants carefully to see how they are responding and either repeat the feeding regime a number of times during the growing season or repeat when you require new plant growth.

Tgrowbags can be used along with other feeding regimes such as liquid feed or slow release compost additives. Combined feeding can give very good results. However we do urge a degree of caution against over feeding as Tgrowbags can provide a large volume of nutrients and is more than just a simple fertiliser.

Watering regimes can be divided into two simple categories according to how the water is applied to your plants. Either by watering from above or watering from below. Please explore these options from the menu.

We do not recommend that Tgrowbags are used for Insectivorous or Carnivorous plants as the release of nitrogen will damage these plants and the live sphagnum moss they are often cultivated in.