Background of the Company

Alan Winthrop

Alan Winthrop inventor of Triplantanol products. is a science based company which is bringing to the market place a series of unique and individual products designed to improve the growth potential of a range of plants . Our expertise extends from the laboratory to the nursery.

We are in a unique position to unite laboratory and in-vitro plant growth research with how plants grow to maturity

Personal information.

I have over 40 years experience in horticulture from the commercial sector to University research departments at the leading edge of plant health and GM plants.

As a horticultural Botanist and practical nurseryman I have a good understanding of how plants grow.

I have worked for many years in commercial nurseries in the United Kingdom and Australia and have contacts worldwide with plant collections and the nursery industry.

Personally established a number of new technology and developmental projects including setting up one of the UK’s largest in-vitro plant tissue culture laboratories which went on to produce a throughput of over 15 million plants per year in the early 1980's in Suffolk.

I have established a web presence for over 12 years supplying in-vitro laboratory supplies for the plant tissue culture industry worldwide with the company TQPL


First to introduce PTFE venting of aseptic cultures for the raising of commercial orchids in the UK. Introduced Adhesive Microfiltration Discs and Flasking Patches to in-vitro industries and micropropagation laboratories around the world. We were the originator of these two products in the marketplace.

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As an orchid in-vitro specialist for over 16 years we have been one of the largest volume supplier in the UK and Europe of Paphiopedilum orchids growing in-flasks.

Alan L Winthrop. BSc Botany. London (Hons)