Company privacy policy


We treat all information you provide to us by telephone, fax, written or e-mail in the strictest confidence. All information is held without publication or discussion. Your personal privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

We never disclose e-mail contact information or addresses to third parties or use them for mass mailing.

We positively fight spam whenever we can.

We never make available or sell lists, addresses or information to other parties.

Every attempt is made to ensure the security of information supplied to us by the use of up to date electronic protection to safeguard your payments and dealings with our company.

ORDERS. On receipt of orders every attempt is made to fulfil these as soon as possible and dispatch the goods to the address required.

We usually only ship or mail products to the address that agrees with payment details provided to ourselves. This is either as per the electronic payment information or by the address on the cheque provided.

If you are using PayPal remember to fill in your delivery address at time of ordering.

If an alternative address for delivery is required this should be brought to our attention and it will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

A confirmation by e-mail to us is always a good idea to confirm your order. That reassures you and alerts us too.