We welcome feedback from customers.


It can be as technical as you like or tell us of your simple observations about the use of Tgrowbags or Triplantanol powder on your plants.

We urge all customers to take digital photographs to record the results of Tgrowbags feeding. A photographic record is a very good way to record how well your plants have performed.

We would also suggest customers closely observe the thickness and substance of their plants. Many plants show increased thickness in leaves, stems, shoots and flowers. It is a good indicator that the Triplantanol in the Tgrowbags is working.

We are happy to receive pictures of the results you have achieved. Please reduce your photos to a max size of 100kb and send them in jpeg format. Alternatively upload them to a web site and send us the url or link.

Contact us by e-mail and do remember to let us know where in the world you are from as we get e-mails from all over.

In summary we do enjoy receiving feedback, if you feel you want to express negative feedback, just contact us and tell us any problems. With our expertise and many years as growers I am sure someone will be able to help you. Some people might think Triplantanol and Tgrowbags is a scam. In the future some may say our product are no better than 'snake oil' or make negative claims or raise problems they have had using Triplantanol or Tgrowbags. If so please contact us and let us know where we have gone wrong.

Since 2005 we have never yet received a single complaint about Triplantanol or Tgrowbags and our customers come from all around the world. Customers are enthusiastic and some cannot believe the results they see!

Some customers tell us their friends think 'their plants are on steroids when using Triplantanol'! (quote Ken from Singapore)


If your plants are growing well with healthy roots and growths we feel overwhelmingly confident they will grow better using our products if you provide the correct growing environment. Unfortunately sick plants are another situation and remedial action needs to be taken before feeding and boosting your plants back to health and flowering.


We wish you all good growing and we want to help you grow better plants.