Greenhouse Growing with Tgrowbags

A greenhouse allows the grower to cultivate a range of plants and provide various conditions suited to the particular type of plants grown.

Generally plants grow better in a greenhouse than in most other environments. With the exceptions that plants growing outdoors can often grown to a larger size and plants in their natural habitat or closely adapted to local conditions can also grow very well.

They come into their own when a protected environment is created where pests and diseases can be controlled and optimal growing conditions provided, especially in an adverse climate. Modern horticulture could not survive without the use of greenhouses and protected cropping techniques.

Water from above techniques.

Here plants can be individually fed with Tgrowbags placed on the potting mix surface. Plants are watered from above.

Water from below techniques.

In a greenhouse a flooded bench approach can be adopted or adaptations on this theme On a small scale watering trays can be used. Simply place an appropriate number of Tgrowbags into the reservoir or tray and add water. Allow full take up of water or drain plants after 60 minutes. Bags can be allowed to dry out between waterings.

Hanging plants watering techniques.

Hanging plants can be grown in various ways. Where a flood or stream of water is allowed to flow over the plants, it is advantageous to place Tgrowbags at the top of the water flow. Then each time the plants are 'damped down' or watered, the plants will be fed as nutrients flow over the root systems. See details in our section Epiphytes