Grow better plants with Tgrowbags



Tgrowbags can be used throughout the growing season. Its mode of action is to feed all the plant from roots to shoots.


The effect on vegetative growth will be most noticeable in the aerial parts of the plants, such as bigger leaves and new shoots. For houseplants with slow metabolism expect the results to appear over time. They can be used on a wide range of flowering plants.


Where feed has been applied to seasonally dormant plants, during the autumn, winter or early spring, look for the growth effects of Triplantanol in the new seasons growth.

The effect of boosting growth can be seen as soon as 7 days after application in fast growing plants in active growth. Some people believe they notice an even more rapid response.

  • We suggest adopting a 6-8 week cycle of growth boosting using Tgrowbags.
  • Plants should be allowed to grow and take up feed according to environmental conditions, where growth is rapid full uptake is likely within this time frame. Where growth is slower or with smaller plants, the nutrients are still likely to be feeding for a more extensive growth period.
  • If more continued growth is required, and conditions are favourable for growth, additional applications can be applied according to need.
  • You can simply check if further feed is available by looking as the condition of the Tgrowbags. If they are still releasing coloured nutrients, this is an indicator that they still will be feeding your plants.
  • Old bags can be split open and either dispersed onto the potting mix surface or scattered as a surface mulch of other plants.

  • To maximise plant growth we suggest you feed with your normal fertiliser with trace elements and use Tgrowbags as a growth boosting supplement

The Triplantanol powder in the Tgrowbags will often produce a flush type growth response according to plant type and conditions. This is especially evident when such growth patterns are a typical response to feeding.

Continuous growth is only achievable when the nutrient supply is not limited and environmental growing conditions are optimal. Where nutrient elements become limited or used up these can affect the uptake of other feed components. For this reason best practice is to adopt a feeding program that supplies all elements as required so that growth is not limited due to deficiencies. To optimise this we suggest you integrate the use of Tgrobags with your other plant feeding regime. Simply feed as per normal and then supplement with Tgrowbags at the suggested rates.

Use in a range of different environmental conditions from indoors to outdoors, from temperate to tropical climates. Feeding will have to be modified accordingly and generally levels of application reflect the uptake and growth of plants according to seasonal demands. Where nutrient metabolism is high, feeding rates should be increased to reflect rapid plant growth.

We urge some degree of caution using Tgrowbags and Triplantanol products as they are concentrated growth boosting fertiliser mixes. . Higher rates of feeding does not always produce positive effects. We strongly suggest if you feel experimental that you closely monitor your plant growth responses.