spathiphyllum the peace lilly is one of the best houseplants you can purchase

Spathiphyllum the Peace lily is an easy to grow houseplant which thrives in rooms with low light. It is a perfect plant for the beginner as it regularly produces flowers as new leaves and growths are made up.

It is a houseplant that grows best at around 20degC, which is typical for many centrally heated houses.

Here you can see a small dwarf variety being fed with a Tgrowbag. The saucer is filled with water at room temperature and allowed to dissolve the nutrients out of the Tgrowbag. The plant food is released with every watering,

It is as simple as that!

This will then easily feed your plant for 6-8 weeks according to how often you water it.


Simple feeding of Houseplants with Tgrowbags.

Houseplants have become popular additions to our homes and interiors. This is especially the case in temperate climates where green foliage or flowering plants provide a living focus. They often can be an inexpensive way of furnishing a room or area.

In warmer climates many of the plants classified as 'Houseplants' are grown around the home, courtyard, patio or yard. These can benefit from the same feeding, but do remember under warmer conditions the metabolism of plants if often higher and they are able to uptake more nutrients. Plants will require more feeding and repeated feeding if growing well. Feeding should be reduced or stopped when plants are going into a dormancy state.

Houseplants are also fun to grow! Feeding these plants with Tgrowbags is very simple and very easy. They can be used when watering from above or if you prefer when you water your plants from below. These growbags make an easy way to feed all your plants.

Simply feed at the standard rate of x1 Tgrowbag per 12cms pot (500ml volume) See information on our Basic Guide pages. The best approach is to feed when your plants are in flower or when they are actively growing.

Tgrowbags contain Triplantanol which can boost or initiate the formation of flowers in a number of plants if cultural conditions are suitable. We would therefore recommend using Tgrowbags specifically to boost flower production or initiate flower bud formation. It does not work with every genera or plant but it is a very fruitful route to pursue...."Give it a go"!

In centrally heated houses be aware that plants dry out, so moisture levels need to be kept up.

Also during the winter (when your heating is on) your plants may grow quicker than during the summer months. If this is the case feed during this growing season or when plants are forming flower buds or when they are in flower.

During the autumn and spring, when central heating may be reduced or turned off, care should be taken that the night time temperature are not too low for temperature sensitive plants such as Phalaenopsis orchids.

In warmer climates, excessive heat should be taken account of. There are a number of plants that will slow down growth as temperatures rise to above 30degC. The general advice would be to use Tgrowbags when you want to boost your plants or when nutrients are low.. They can go through extended wet and dry periods along with your plants without any significant deterioration. Nutrients will be released when watering is resumed.