Triacontanol nutrition in a convenient form to feed and boost your plants.

Ideal for all your houseplants.


Tgrowbags provide a new convenient way to feed your plants with ease every time you water them. They combine fertiliser with the growth boosting chemical triacontanol to achieve remarkable results.


Triacontanol is a plant growth regulator and a photosynthesis enhancer used in commercial horticulture around the world. With increased photosynthesis your plants grow quicker, bigger and better. Tgrowbags stimulate formation of flowers and flowering shoots in a range of plants if environmental conditions are favourable. It provides a great new way to grow better plants.


phalaenopsis fed with tgrowbag

Phalaenopsis in flower with a tgrowbag


Tgrowbags rely on the simple process of dissolving the nutrients from the 'tea bags' each time you soak and water them. Small volumes of feed are released over 6-8 weeks according to conditions. If your plant requires more water it will receive more feed providing balanced nutrition over time.


A whole range of plants can be fed with Tgrowbags from houseplant to greenhouse to hobby plants. From low light indoor and shade areas to high light patio and outdoor gardens where plants are grown in pots or tubs. They can easily be used for container and tub planting where individual plants need an extra boost to produce more flowers or more growth.

Use Tgrowbags at any time of year when plants are in growth. For indoor plants this is usually year round unless plants are dormant or resting. Remember many houseplants grow during winter months when they respond to domestic central heating.

Tgrowbags are sold by mail order worldwide. It is especially of interest to customers who have long growing seasons or who live in warmer parts of the world where plant metabolism and growth is at high levels. Higher metabolism demands more fertiliser to fuel the increased plant growth.


Tgrowbags contain the product Triplantanol especially formulated for slow release for pot grown plants. Triplantanol products are sold only by ourselves. Information about Triplantanol can be found here on this web site

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Tgrowbags are a new product for easy convenient plant feeding. This unique product was invented by us in 2010 . We are the first and only supplier of Tgrowbags and we sell worldwide. Please find out how good they are!
A new take on making alfalfa tea. Our product is better than ordinary soaked alfalfa tea mixes as it contains fertilisers and added growth regulators to make a complex slow release plant food. Developed and tested over a number of years as Triplantanol and now used to make 'tea bags' of feed.

Making tea with Tgrowbags

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A gallery of Triplantanol Products in action. See how Triplantanol helps grow better and more magnificently plants that bloom especially well. The gallery is hosted on our other site but please use this direct link to view

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