Picture of Tgrowbags to show this new product

Tgrowbags a new product for 2011



To grow your plants better than ever before you need to use Tgrowbags. Triacontanol based nutrition in a convenient form for all your plants. They are quick and easy to use.


Ideal for windowsill and houseplant growers.

You will be staggered at the growth your plants make!

We sell in UK, EU and worldwide.


Tgrowbags contain Triplantanol which is growth boosting fertiliser containing the plant growth regulating chemical triacontanol.

N.P.K 17-3-9 approx.

Each Tgrowbag contain a measured volume of Triplantanol formulated specifically for slow release over 6-8 weeks to feed and boost your plants.

The combination of nutrients and the plant growth regulator triacontanol work together to increase plant growth. The feeding regime combines a known photosynthesis enhancer with slow released plant nutrition.

The Tgrowbags are very simple to use. You simply place a Tgrowbag on the surface of the potting media at the edge of the pot. This potting potting media should be below the rim of the pot to allow space for you to water. Water from above and dissolve the Tgrowbag nutrients each time your plant requires watering.

Where the compost is high in the pot, either remove some of the excess to create some space or adopt a 'water from below' approach. See Basic Guide

This simple feeding method has many advantages. It is readily available to the plant as soon as water flows through the Tgrowbag. The mixture is soluble and instantly taken up by the plant roots. It is released over a number of weeks and so feeds constantly all the time when the plant makes growth. It provides more than simple plant food and readily boosts the growth of plants.