Tgrowbags contain Triplantanol.


Details of Triplantanol growth boosting fertilisers can be found at our web site sells growthboosting fertiliser worldwide  Our products are suitable for a wide range of plants. We are UK based. Triplantanol products are exclusive to our company and only available direct from ourselves by mail order.

 Our products are based around the plant growth stimulant triacontanol in combination with a range of other plant growth regulators and fertilisers for optimising growth.

Triacontanol is also known as a photosynthesis enhancer and with increased photosynthesis your plants grow quicker, bigger and better for your given environmental conditions. It is also known to stimulate the formation of flowers and flowering shoots.


Exploration of our web site will give you an insight into how with Triplantanol you can achieve plant growth that is greater than any achievable by fertilizer alone.


We want you to grow better plants and are enthusiastic about how you can achieve that goal. This is an information-rich web site providing original photos, descriptions and comments to help you grow better plants.

Triplantanol boosts the growth of leaves, roots and promotes flower formation in a wide range of plants. 

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Triacontanol is one of the main ingredients of Triplantanol and has repeatedly been proved to be able to stimulate plant growth in the laboratory and in the field.
To grow your plants better than ever before you need to use Tgrowbags, providing triacontanol nutrition for all your houseplants. Quick and easy to use.